The Second Dawn

The Fourth Plane of Hell

Sigga had a harrowing dream about the awakening of a dark god deep in the astral sea. Her goddess Selune calls upon the group to search out a powerful artifact to stop this deity once and for all. To start our journey, the party made their way to the city of Doors, Sigil, and there we met our contact, Geralt Greymane who would serve as our guide and help with the ritual once we make it to the Astral sea. But first, the party had to goto the 3rd level of hell to procure the soulfire diamond; the only gem strong enough to hold the soul of a God. It belongs to a powerful devil, Skarrebrand who owns the fighting pits of the realm. We walked through the portal to hell and found ourselves in the middle of an arena. The party nearly started a brawl with the first Devil we came across, but after Daz got loogied on, we decided it would be best not to cause a scene. Walking through the arena, Sigga saw a poster with Ravana’s moniker on it and made a b-line right to the changing area looking for her friend. We found her in the pits, taking down a demon singlehandedly. (pun intended) We waited for the fight to finish; and Sigga was overjoyed to be reunited with her companion. Ravana then took us back to her residence and gave us the tale of where she’s been and what she’s been doing. The best plan we have so far is to go up to the front door and knock and ask nicely.

Daz disappeared from the group to go shopping, and the rest of the Second Dawn made their way over the home of Skarrebrand. we avoided the guards on the grounds and broke into his back door and made our way down to the vaults. Geralt disabled the traps and we opened it up to find the caretaker inside; who was none too pleased his masters vault had been broken into. We made short work of the lesser devil; but as we thought we were getting away scott-free; a puff of smoke and fire emitted from the entrance and Skarrebrand made himself known. The battle was quick but brutal. Skarrebrand nearly killed the party; but with a surge of adrenaline; Ravana put an end to him.

Our group escaped out of Skarbrands vault and made our way out of his mansion of horrors. The prisoners we rescued along the way slowed us down; and caused quite the issue trying to scale the fence to escape. Ravanas initial pull on the rope left us one survivor short as Iados struggled to get over without his ability to fly. We made it over using combined efforts of wallrunning, beastial leaping, and brute strength. We raced through the streets of the underworld to find Daz had been on a shopping excursion for supplies and was well prepared for the heist he had already missed. We continued our escaping through the crowds at the arena and made our way back to the portal in the closet and jumped realities back to Sigil, the city of doors. While Ravana and Daz were ready for a drink; Geralt was all business as he headed back to the temple of the moon to prepare the Soulfire Diamond to receive the godlike soul of the great evil Selune warned you about. Remi decided to go with Geralt; and the rest of the party followed Ravana who got a tip from a local about the closest bar. Ravana and Daz got the party started and offered some treats to Sigga who initially refused; but decided it has been a long day in the underworld and decided to kick back. Sigga, being the lightweight she is immediately skipped past any of the fun effects and went immediately into a horrible trip as she lived out the entire life of a farmer named Roy who unknowingly signed away his soul to a devil. She lived 50 years of this man’s life in the span of an hour and when she came to freaked out in the middle of the bar. She ran outside to collect herself and cry on the streets. Meanwhile, Remi who could no longer hold in her emotions waiting for the group to return told Iados that she was leaving. She explained that hearing that Ravana was able to reclaim the soul of her loved one, she was headed back to the underworld to try and find Arryn. She didn’t have time to waste on goodbyes so she asked Iados to apologize to the group for her. Iados met back up with Sigga who was still coming down from being Roy. The now diminished group formed back up and made their way back to the temple of the moon.

Onwards to Sigil

We arrived back at the condo and Dupont went to the study to have a difficult conversation with Auntie Grizzlewort. As the rest of the group slept, Sigga had a deeply disturbing vision of a giant corpse floating through space. The goddess Selune appeared before her and instructed her that this looming threat will soon be upon them, and the group needs to put an end to this evil deity once and for all. The group needs to travel to the city of doors and venture out to collect a soulfire diamond and then make their way to the Astral Sea. But first things first, we needed to take care of the mess at home. A knock on the door brought our new nanny, Sherry Bobbins into the house. While she is thoroughly qualified and perfect for the job, Daz is bemoaning the fact that kids do indeed cost money. After a brief moment being warned about the hag downstairs and the zombie in the pantry, Sherry got to work. Sigga gathered the crew in the study and explained the vision she had. While Remi, Daz and Iados were willing to help; Dupont declined explaining that it’s time for her to finally save her crew and bring them back by making a deal with Auntie Grizzlewort. She will give up her memories of the second Dawn in order to bring back her former crew. Clearly upset by the news, Iados stormed out of the house as Dupont started giving away possessions and saying goodbyes. Sigga was hit hard by Duponts leaving, but she was nonetheless determined to complete her goal. Meanwhile. leaving for the docks, Dupont ran into Iados who shared his displeasure with her departure. They left on uneasy terms and Iados’ headed back to the condo. On his way back, Iados ran into the old man with canaries who asked if Iados was aware of the looming threat. Bahamut sent one of his canaries with Iados for protection. After a few errands, the team met back up and they made their way to the portal to Sigil. At the Borealis Arcannery, the portal keeper Aurora gave us the rundown of Sigil. While we were initially worried, hearing it was only 15g for passage, lifted our spirits. We made our way through the door, and into the capital of the multiverse. We were no sooner than a few steps into town that we ran into a scuffle that immediately turned violent only to be quelled by the Dabus (the local guard). We purchased supplies from a paper store and got directions to the Temple of the Moon to meet Sigga’s contact Geralt Graymane. Inside the temple, Geralt welcomed us with open arms and explained that in order to complete our task we’ll need to take the soulfire diamond from a nasty Devil named Skarbrand. Without too much time to waste we made our way out of Sigil and into the 4th circle of hell.

The Hag of Azuremyst

Wanting to restore Alastaire’s memories, the group researched and tried to come up with ways of restoring his memories. They came up with a few solutions: acquire a wish spell, wait for Lucian to come up with something, or make a deal with a hag. Lady Ella warned us about a hag named Auntie Grizzlewort

Our group asked around Azuremyst for additional information on the hag, Auntie Grizzlewort. We decided we had all the information we needed and made our way up to the mountains. We found the hags abode nestled into the rockface inside of a giants skull. The hag welcomed us in, explaining she hasnt had many customers in quite some time ever since the fire. The group was uneasy at best as we tried to work out some sort of deal; but Auntie only promised to see Alastair if we brought her Robert Fish, the current head stonemason. We told the hag we needed to think it over and quickly left; but not before Auntie outed Daz’s sword and gave the group an iron coin to communicate with her. Feeling sick to our stomach of the entire situation, we decided to head back to Waterdeep and see if there were any other options. Making our way back to the condo, we learned of Archaeon’s trick of splitting himself into multiple copies so he can complete multiple tasks at once. Sigga decided it was going to be best to turn Alastair over to his mother. On our way across town, we ran into Daz who had snuck out of the condo and was having a scuffle with some gnomes whom we haven’t met. We visited the Touchstone estate and did some searching around for other options to cure Alastair; but so far we haven’t turned anything else up.

We set Alastair back up at his moms place and searched the place for any sort of clues as to how to unlock his memories. From Camilla, we learned that Roland Touchstone had the same sort of enchantment that we just need to figure out how to unlock his memories. The good news is; we have a potential out. The bad news is, Roland was cremated and we have no way of communicating with him. Brainstorming our options we came up with two plans, holy and unholy. We first decided to head to the local church of Pelor. On our way there; We ran into Ella who was delivering Balloons to orphanages. She emphasized that we should bear offerings to Auntie Grizzlewort rather than let her set the terms. We pondered what we currently own as we moved on to the Church. Inside we found Father Roman Ambrose who was happy to help us; but informed us that without a body; he would not be able to resurrect or even commune with Roland. There is one Priest in the realm who would be able to; but he left for Sigil some time ago. We thanked Father Ambrose for his time and then headed to Shadowdale via carpet to speak with Dale. Arriving in Shadowdale, the living were out and looking miserable as ever. Dales house showed signs of a break-in and we found our beloved lich bodiless and on a silver platter. He explained that he’s in a very diminished state ever since an encounter with Lissandra. He’s informed us he’s love to bring back Roland to a body so we can commune with him. The only issue is, he needs his full strength back. The good news is that he’s tracked down his largest backup phylactery, the bad news is that it’s currently part of a dragon’s hoard. One that has recently moved in a couple of miles North. Daz and Remi affixed Dale’s skull to his minions body so he can at least move around for the time being; and the rest of the group pondered our next move.

Our group split up in a few directions to deal with some lingering issues in waterdeep. Capt. Dupont dropped Claude off at the rehab center, Archaeon got enrolled in the mages college, and Daz looked after the 8 orphans now living at the condo. Iados attended his first meeting as a masked lord and decided to unmask in front of a crowd as Varic Nod. Meanwhile, Dupont, Remi and Hank made their way south to Shadowdale, and met up with a newly reformed Dale who performed the ceremony to restore the ashes of Roland touchstone to a body. Dupont cast a scroll of speak with dead and got the spell needed to restore Alistair. We all made our way back to Waterdeep and met up to fix Alastair, but after performing the spell, we realized that he is missing the last year and a half of his life. We decided to give Alastair some time to process the death of his father and we headed back to the condo.

Rabian Knights

The group safely made it back to Waterdeep after the shenanigans up in Greyhawk. As soon as we were in the door and settled; Dupont explained to Sigga that while she was glad Alastair was back safe and sound; she could not delay her own mission any further. Now that Sasha has been found, she needed to leave for Rabiah immediately. Sigga and the rest of the group agreed that reclaiming the last figurine would be their next priority. Ella came back through a tear in the fabric of space and time complaining about her 4th place finish at the rabbit breeders convention. Dupont asked Ella to get them quickly and safely to Rabiah; and Ella agreed; but not before she had her dinner and tea. After getting prepared; the group went down to the basement to make the portal hop. After a few wrong portal hops; we finally made it to Esson, the Capitol of Rabiah; for Remi it was a homecoming; for the rest of the group it is a strange and unfamiliar land. After checking in with customs we immediately headed to market. No sooner had we reached the bustling district ; the group was separated. Hagglers on the street barked their wares; cons and schemes were aplenty; and the group all the while did some shopping and sightseeing as we were swept up in the energy of the market. Iados took off flying and was introduced to one of the many laws of the city; he lost his jacket to ensure he wasn’t taken away by the sons of Hamuud. Jaxxi want to sell some real estate while disguised as a travelling dignitary. Sigga was accosted by sad and famished looking children looking for handouts. Meanwhile, Remi and Dupont were actually on the case; stopping at a shop Remi knew well, before being directed to the Great Khali’s stand. At the miniatures stand we learned that the Sasha figurine had already been purchased earlier that morning. With some reconnaissance we learned the buyer was at the local wrestling match. The group converged at the match and paid their way in. Sigga had already made her way into the crowd and seated herself behind the person thought to hold the figurine; Dupont immediately spotted Sigga in the crowd and they made their way over. Dupont put her roguish charms to the test and flirted her way through the entire match; accepting an offer for drinks afterward. The gathering at the bar went well into the evening; but eventually Dupont was able to get the figurine without the need of swords, thievery or intimidation. The newfound friends departed ways and the group decided to spend the night in rabiah.

The next morning our group awoke at the finest Esson establishment. We took in the delightful change of scenery as we ate breakfast. A son of Hamuud entered the inn and made a direct line for our table. Although initially uneasy; when he removed his helm, we were introduced to Remi’s old friend Lucas aka Kyp whom shares quite a bit of history with Remi. The two friends chatted and Lucas recommended Remi to go see her old friend Lynne who runs a laundromat. Lucas warned against acting on Lord Armont; a local guild underboss that Remi had crossed paths with. Remi agreed and the group was on their way. no sooner had we left the inn that we were accosted by the famished children asking for food and money. Remi said some curt words; and one of the children responded with a threat to inform Armont with the knowledge of her presence back in Esson. Immediately Dupont and Remi tailed the child, leaving Iados and Sigga behind. Not knowing what else to do, Sigga and Iados went for coffee and shopping. Meanwhile; Dupont and Remi chased the child down and brought him back to an alleyway; pressing the child for information; we realized that the boy was no more than eyes and ears for the dread whispers, one of the black guilds of Esson. We let the boy go and disguised Remi and Sigga to try and make them stand out less. We made our way across town to visit Remi’s old contact Lynne, who welcomed us in and provided us with information and gave Remi the necklace belonging to her former partner. We parted ways and headed back to the inn where Dupont and Iados discovered an enchantment on the necklace. A voice recording that Aryn transmitted in her presumable final moments. We’ve begun to get answers, but many more are in store.

Our group finally found Jaxxi in the markets of Esson. He has been having quite the vacation as he was decked out with new toys; a shiny turban, and a brand new animal companion, beloved party companion dumpty the camel. We tried heading back to the inn to formulate a plan; but we saw our rooms were swarming with members of the sting who were overturning our rooms looking for something. We deduced they were there searching for Daz and his missing goods rather than Remi’s Revenge. We found a safe hideout to deduce a plan and put it into action. We set a meeting with Armont and made our way to the twin shores bathhouse. Getting the bathhouse, our plan quickly was modified as we learned there was no way to enter as a group; so we bum rushed the stronghold. Armont quickly rolled out of his pillow throne and teleported out of the room leaving us with his men. We made short work of them and had the last remaining member show us how to use the teleportation orb. We followed Armont to an underground dungeon with three options to choose from. After some investigating we opened the door to the fiery efreets chamber.

Our group followed the Sting Underboss Trasaric Armont to a mysterious dungeon. There we entered the lair of the guild’s boss, Shazadeh the Efreet. We offered to just take Armont, but the Efreet was too proud to let his reputation be tarnished by interlopers. We engaged shazadeh in combat. Luckily our party had come prepared with fire resistance; as the flames from the braziers attacked us. We pulled out every stop to defeat the enraged foe. With shazadeh defeated we moved on to Armont. Opening his cell door, a horde of children came running out and exited the stairs. Iados and Remi dealt with Armont as the rest of the group opened the other doors. Sigga tried opening the second door and set off a trap. In the second cell door we found the slave wives of Shazadeh; and Jaxxi was volunteered to escort them outside to safety. In the third cell the group met the tiefling aasimar, archaeon. Sigga immediately took a liking to the child and vowed to keep the child safe. Meanwhile, Remi was finding Revenge to be less than sweet as We exited the dungeon to find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Maharajahs palace. We had not soon as taken two steps that were escorted into the main throne room. There, Jinder Mahal addressed the group and gave a verbal lashing on the damage we had done to his city. The maharajah said he was willing to overlook our misdoings in the city if we were to somehow open up trade routes with Stormhold; whether through diplomatic means or otherwise. Daz volunteered to be the one to receive the brand of the Maharaja to ensure our completion of the task. We were promptly escorted out of the palace and back to the Streets of Esson. The group promptly gathered their things and headed to run a few errands. Sigga followed up on Ravanas whereabouts, Jaxxi rejoined the group after fetching his camel, and we all headed back to Lynne’s laundromat to say their goodbyes. With our business in Rabiah concluded, we used the orb of teleportation to head back to the condo in Waterdeep where Hank was overjoyed to see us.

Alastair's Future Ex-Wife

our group woke up in the condo at Waterdeep. Sigga used her divination stone to check up on Alastair. She found him in a strange place confronting his (ex?) wife Saraya. Alastair was fuming and tried storming out; but was restrained by unseen forces He then returned to her side; and the magic divination eye was snuff out. Meanwhile; Captain Dupont received word that Ella had found the last of her crew in a marketplace in the Rabian capital of Esson. Dupont immediately went to Remi to ask her opinions. Meanwhile, in the city of Waterdeep; there is a growing sense of unrest as Varic has been sowing the seeds of discontent and getting the poorer regions of the city to rise up and try and over throw the masked lords. Being pulled in three directions; the group ultimately decided to help Alastair first; and headed to the Dupont Estate to try and get some answers from Ambassador Quelanna Dupont (famed for helping bring down the wall between the cities of Bear-lynn) Quelanna gave us some helpful insight into Saraya Knight and her family; and then we were on our way. We saw a mob forming in town and followed them to the home of Durnen the Wanderer and promptly escorted him out of his home whether he liked it or not. We dropped him off at the Hag’s Knuckle and made our way to Greyhawk. We immediately flew to the residence of the Knight family and found the place all boarded up. Using Remi’s magical gloves we saw inside to find that it was still clearly in use. We broke into the home and were immediately attacked by the mechanical dogs and guards at the entrance. We escaped with minor injuries; and the knowledge that there is a secret panel downstairs that should lead to the lair of Saraya.

Our group explored more of the Knight Family Estate. Knowing that much of the Manor was trapped; we took extra care to walk safely around the halls. Jaxxi popped through a portal with Lady Ella; who was promptly off back to her vacation. We ventured further into the manor over to the study to discover some statues each holding a button. we scoured the room left and right looking over tables and desks to find which would lead us safely to the lower areas. We made our way down in total blackness; we found a number of zombies in cages as well as a crypt holding Saraya’s associates. Remi jammed the door leading to the to the coffins to prevent their escape; and we moved forward without investigating the undead beings. We found the large Hall that Sigga saw in her vision and went to the iron throne on the other side of the room. As Dupont was fiddling with the traps to the bedroom door; Jaxxi was fiddling with the throne controls. Dupont accidentally set off the trap causing the bedroom door to burst open. As the smoke cleared; a very Angry Saraya was none too pleased to see us. We had some short words before she got up in Siggas face to threaten her. Seizing the opportunity, Sigga dumped a bottle of luminous Moon-water over her head; the purity of the enchanted water burned Saraya horribly and she reduced herself to smoke form and stormed out of the basement into the upstairs. We grabbed Alastair and ran. Up out of the basement through the main halls; and out the front door into the cold Greyhawk air. The good news is Alastair is alive and unharmed. The bad news is; he’s not exactly the life of the party as his entire mind has been wiped save for motor functions.

Winterveil in Waterdeep

Our group took the week off as Waterdeep was returning to normal after the events of the Evershroom. We woke up Winterveil morning to Molly knocking on everybody’s doors. We sat down to open presents. Remi got a tablecloth, Capt. Dupont got some booze, Jaxxi got a flannel, Iados got a book, and Sigga got a map. Each gift hid a secret; and the group enjoyed finding out what the gifts really were. The group then made their way to the docks to see Captain Duponts new boat. We took it out for a trip around the harbor; and then headed back to the condo when the cold became too unbearable; on the way home we were accosted by some thugs accusing Iados of selling them some bum dust. We laughed off their threats and told em to get lost; but not before them threatening to come back with a larger posse. We went back to the house to find Tweik and Miek waiting for us in the condo and they stated that they want Varic Nod DOA because he’s causing some trouble in the city of Waterdeep. We accepted the terms and the tabaxi twins were on their way. Alastair Touchstone then made an entrance and requested to speak with Sigga alone. The group spied of course; with Remi providing a windowpane view into the room. We watched the argument play out and then Alastair exited the condo. Dupont tried to lift spirits with some spiced wine and treats; but soon Iados had to leave on official church business. The group decided that what they needed to lift their spirits was a good old fashioned scrap. We went out on the carpet and went searching for Joey Legs and his gang of greasers. We got in a right proper scuffle; and enjoyed every minute until the cops came. We flew back home under the backdrop of Moonlight and enjoyed the rest of our Winterveil around the fire.

The Evershroom

the group awoke in the condo in Waterdeep to find our entire property encased in a bubble; going down to the basement to speak with Lady Ella; we learned that the Evershroom had grown to enormous proportions and has completely covering the town of Waterdeep. Realizing this had to be dealt with immediately; the group took to the scret tunnel that leads to outside the city that Ella had constructed to transport her goods. Remi took a spill jumping in a minecart; but snatched a cloaking tarp. Captain Dupont disabled all the traps leading outside and we exited the tunnel. We had a brief chat with one of Ella’s suppliers; and then decided our best option was to fly to Greyhawk to get help from Lucian. We stepped into the Greyhawk Arcanium for the first time; but with no time to check out exhibits we got an immediate audience with Lucian. After brainstorming a bit; Lucian pulled some favors with the dwarves of Stoneforge and called in the Airships that aren’t away at war to help chop the Evershroom down and destroy it before dumping the remains in the ocean. While waiting for the reinforcements; the group used Sigga’s orb of teleportation to warp back to the condo. Back in waterdeep; the group decided to venture out into the dusty-snow like town. We made a quick stop at an alchemist shop for supplies and some quick thievery; but then headed to the Dupont and Touchstone Manors to collect our loved ones. While at Touchstone Manor; We learned that Alastair was not in Waterdeep; so we took Camilla Touchstone with us; and once again used the orb to get back to the condo. Ella was waiting for us and blew us away with her arcane powered leaf blower. After dusting ourselves off; we headed inside and we found a safe spot for the mothers as we got to work. Some of the group were helping on the airships; while others were in the dwarven drill machines helping chop the Evershroom down. We have saved the day; but there is still much work to do. Also; the season has changed as we move closer and closer towards the feast of Winterveil.

The Cult of Iados

Our group awoke in our respective locations; and all got the message from Cowboy Hank that we have some very rich clients who are looking for us to complete a lucrative task. The members of the second dawn all made their way to the office; save for Sigga whom decided to stay in bed a bit longer. On the way to the office; we noticed the cult of Iados has grown and are causing trouble in Waterdeep; graffiti-ing different tenants about town and trading a mysterious dust amongst its members. At the office; Hank introduced us to the Tabaxi twins; Tweik and Meik who wanted us to plant some bugs in the home of some of Waterdeeps more prominent families homes. Captain Dupont was immediately disgusted by this proposition as she herself is Waterdeep nobility; and refused the job. Iados sided with the Captain; but Jaxxi and Remi were game. Jaxxi discreetly took the job as the Captain accepted a job to track down the source of the mysterious blue dust. Sigga proposed that we speak with our resident bro, Chad Champ so we made our way to Champ Manor. Jaxxi received a missive stating that the Champ estate was on the list of targets. Once inside; Jaxxi slipped away to plant the bug. The rest of the group determined that the Chad was not behind it; but he does know a guy. We checked out the evershroom which is now growing out of his front lawn; and determined that wasn’t the source. We headed to the Hags tooth bar to find Chadwicks guy; but he was immediately suspicious and bolted quickly after the transaction. we headed back home; and while Dupont was giving Remi and earful; Jaxxi and Sigga snuck out to plant another bug. Meanwhile; the cult of Iados is planning a meeting for tomorrow night! Will their savior show up? will we ever confront Claude about his drinking habits?

The group was settling down after a long day; but two members of our party snuck out of the condo in the dead of night to plant the second bug. They found the second house not dead; but rather ripping and a roaring as a gala was being held. Jaxxi had some issues getting past the servants; but Sigga, who was disguised as a goliath, just flew her way up to a window and threw the bug inside. With the second bug planted; the third name appeared on the orb given by the Tabaxi twins: Thann. Sigga made her way back to Touchstones; but unable to shake her goliath appearance she ended up sleeping outside the mansion; and was unable to get a full nights rest. The next morning; back at the condo, Lady Ella asked Remi to fetch her some baby’s breath; but Remi refused because of the trouble Ella has been causing. Ella moved to Jaxxi, who didn’t give her the time of day; and finally Dupont agreed to fetch the ingredients for her. There was a knock at the door as the Paladin Raynis Thoroughfare stopped by to give Iados a verbal lashing; threatening action if he didn’t take care of the cult problem that has been growing the city of Waterdeep. Iados promised he’d deal with it when they attend the cultist meeting later that day. Meanwhile Cowboy Hank was trying unsuccessfully to cover the up friend he brought home; which Dupont Lambasted; giving Hank an earful of how he needs to shape up. And then Claude appeared; sober for the first time in a while; he broke down; telling tales of his former profession of a firemage; the loss of his daughter; and his subsequent divorce. Nothing like some classic DnD Fantasy. We have a mission to do! cults to smash; bugs to plant; and mysteries to unravel!

THe next morning, our group exited the condo to find the Evershroom is growing at an alarming rate; Sigga gifted Dupont with the magic carpet; so the group hopped aboard. getting closer to the evershroom, the group was able to observe its properties and gather some samples from it; we then made our way to the cultist meeting. The meeting was more of a rave than anything; being held in an old warehouse. The group had the idea of silencing the music and having Iados address the crowd; the plan was executed less than spectacularly as Remi found DJ Thunderlips unwilling to give up his post. Jaxxi and Iados couldnt speak over the loud music; it was Dupont who knowingly cast silence to allow Iados to make his grand speech. While the magic tiara helped persuade the closer cultists; the ones on the edges of the warehouse were less persuaded. Iados did give an epic speech; shunning a number of the tenants of his cult; but will it be enough? only time will tell. The group made an exit from the warehouse but then Sigga mentioned that the group needed to take care of the Summerman to try and stop the spread of the mysterious blue dust throughout waterdeep. Sigga explained the whole group didn’t need to come with; as The summerman was easily rattled. She promised they would be quick and discreet and took Iados with her. Back inside the warehouse; Sigga poured her heart out to Iados explaining how she’s always had feelings for him and that they were meant to be together. The two party members shared a passionate kiss and then Sigga took Iados over to the one lone room where they could find some privacy; Iados finally came to his senses realizing what was happening; and removed the tiara. With the spell no longer affecting her; Sigga realized what she had done; and thorough awkwardness ensued. They finally completed what they said they were going to do and confronted the summerman. Iados took his coat and set up a ring of fire; which caught the warehouse on fire; causing a mass panic. The cultists ran left and right; trampling over each other to get out. The group headed back to the condo; and as Dupont was downstairs speaking with Ella; the three deviants of the group snuck out to plant the 3rd bug at the Thann Family residence. Remi saw a rather sad scene at the current state of this once proud house; but we didn’t dwell on it too long. Meanwhile; back at the house; Dupont realized that Lady Ella had been behind the blue powder.

Old Friends and New.

The group awoke in the condo to find hand written notes and feathers left behind by our former party member Lissandra. This immediately put Sigga at unease because her dream she had on her vision quest was coming true. There was a knock at the door and Jaxxi returned from following the circus. He was very shady with his answers as to where he had been and what he was doing; but we still welcomed him back. There were a couple of knocks at the door. Mardigan spoke with Arilynn and agreed to start going to baby classes; and The Paldadin Raynis Thoroughfare was looking for Iados; who has mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile, Ravana found her old sword is missing and the cursed blade had made its way back to her possession. Not knowing where else to turn, Ravana asked Lady Ella if there is anything that can be done. Ella didn’t have an answer; but told her of a great Library in the lower Sountry of Rabiah which houses a great library that may be able to help. Cowboy Hank informed us that he’s taken on another adventurer to the Second Dawn; and that she should be in the office. The group decided to check her out and made their way through town. In the streets there were some people handing out pamphlets and t-shirts telling us about the Cult of Illados; which is a new religion that is sweeping the nation. Jaxxi took some shirts and we made our way to the offices. Inside; Tad showed us the walls of accomplishment and introduced us to the new Recruit, Remi. Ravana revealed Remi was actually her nickname growing up. Ravana went outside because her sword started speaking with her; and she lost control of her body and murdered an old homeless man whom was in the back alleyway. The group rushed out after hearing the noise; but intern Tad’s fumbling caused them to be too late. The group confronted a very suspicious Ravana; who stormed home; not wanting to cause a scene in public. Back at the house; Ravana informed the group that she would be leaving to track down the book. She told the party that they could not come with because she is a danger to herself and her friends and didn’t want to be responsible for any harm coming to her party-members. Knowing that Sigga would never allow Ravana to leave; Jaxxi distracted Mardigan and Sigga long enough for Ravana to escape down the stairs. Sigga and Jaxxi got into a heated argument; Hank told the group he needed to go check in on Tad because of the disturbance at the office; Mardigan realized he was late for his class with Arilynn, and bolted; and Molly and new party member Remi were left alone awkwardly in the living room. After things had cooled, the party left for Lucian’s office to administer the sirenwail potion. Dupont changed from a figurine back to her full size; half elf form. Though blinded and weakened from spending the better part of a year encased in the curse; she was alive and was relieved to be back amongst the living. We had a tearful reunion and then he mother Quelanna took her home. After having a rough day; the group decided to hit the local bar.

Adventures in Testalia

Our group left the island of the Battle Royale hopping back aboard the Othiyum’s Grace. Our first mission was to get our things back. Before we could track it down, Sigga teleported back onto the ship and it was revealed that our ally Roland Touchstone has passed, and Sigga was wed to Alastaire at moment’s notice. The members of the party had differing reactions, but overall, the group congratulated Sigga. We made our way to the island where the gamemasters were controlling the island and saw a number of employees evacuating. We beat up a number of them to reclaim our things. Iados played Deity for a few scared employees; and rather than take it to the top, we decided to just loot the lighthouse and leave. Back aboard the ship, Ravana was furious to learn Kynen had escaped after striking a deal with Captain Pride. There wasn’t too much time for anger, as the night turned to revelry for making a safe escape from the survival island. One forward thinking Lunarsa tried making a smooth move on Sigga, but her advances were brushed off and Ravana encouraged her to try for Iados. Iados and Thrak had a magical evening; the crew enjoyed a feast and we sailed through the night. The next day , mid-morning we saw off in the distance the continent of Testalia; we sailed into the bloodbay, and the adventure to recover the item for Dupont’s potion continues.

We were introduced to our wayfaring companions, the Angels who were going to serve as our guide through the dangerous lands. We headed out from the Othiyums Grace through the Bay of Blood. Our rowboat was soon swarmed with little blood oozlings, which we made quite a mess keeping them off the boat. We made our way to shore, and conquered the cliff of insanity quite easily with magic and flight. Ravana was woman handled by one of the angels who carried her to the top. We then were caught in the bloodmists, which was the playground of a rather fiendish vampire who set his sights on the group. Sigga fell prey to his charming whims, attacking the party; but Mardigan and Iados were able to easily resist it. Iados used his holy magics to set the vampire aflame, and stop him from his shenanigans, and the party attacked. We made quick work of him after he was revealed. We learned one of the Angels had fallen in combat, and Cameron took Lucy back to the boat, leaving us with only Drew. Ravana picked up a sword that the vampire was carrying on him, and learned it was in fact a cursed artifact. The group tried to get Ravana to ditch it, but Ravana is keeping the sword for herself. We made a quick stop at the steam vents to clean up after the brawl, and then moved onward to the windswept plains. Not much further to the fungalmarsh

The group continued on our journey in Testalia to find the rare sirenwail mushroom. We made our way through the windswept plains and into the Fungalmarsh. We happened upon a gnome of many names: The Chad, el Chaderino; who served as our guide. The chad brought us to the village of the Myconauts and served as our translator. The Chief (cheif She Takii ) told a tale that we were the chosen ones who would bring in the new golden age of the myconauts. We were feasted and given desserts, Mardigan being the only one who didn’t partake in the festivities. The rest of the group had an interesting evening going on vision quests; we woke up in the morning ready to complete the chosen one’s task of taking the sporeseed to the worldscar to plant the evershroom. We decided to pay our respects to the myconauts shrines; one of which held the sirenwail. Ravana plucked the mushroom, which caused the reamaining mushrooms to make a loud noise; our entouage attacked us; and Iados and Lissandra made quick work of them; we decided to just bolt and not complete the mission of the sporeseed, and ran through the day and into the night. We made our way back down the cliffs of insanity; and signaled the boat; however Ravana was overcome by her cursed sword and attacked our Lunarsa guide, Drew. The party was able to restrain Ravana and make it back to the boat. We sailed back to waterdeep; and turned in the ingredients to Lucian’s waterdeep office. We made our way back to the condo; where Molly, Claude, and Hank were waiting for us. Back home; we discovered Ravana’s dragon turtle egg has hatched; we ate, rested, and drifted off to bed.


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