The Second Dawn

The Queen in Waterdeep

Lucian picked us up in a Caravan, and we went to the civic center. The group was split up into different carts and we mingled with Lova Stormborn’s crew. Lissandra tried to press the Lich King Jivarto for information, Reyl the foxgirl snuggled up to Mardigan, Ravana bonded with Gurph the dwarf, and Iados barely made it to the carts before leaving. We arrived at the civic center and walked the red carpet to the event. Ravana gave interviews to all the paparazzi tossing the group’s name into the papers. We went inside and awiting the ceremony. The negotiations were short. The masked lords were introduced, lord 9 revealed himself to be Alastairs father, and Lova took the stand. A brief Q&A followed and then the lords dismissed themselves to deliberate. Touchstone invited us to a party at his place, and we mingled with the crowd. We left and on our way out The princess was attacked by a shardmind who was disguised, rushing to get Lova to safety, we stopped by Touchstones Manor and were disappointed to learn that the party was already being called off. We ended our day on a down note but tomorrow is a new day!

The Haunted Mansion of Waterdeep

Our group took a job with Hank’s heroes for hire. Jaxxi scored some tickets for the circus and struck out on his own. Our group was introduced to a Cleric of Pelor, who made less than a stunning first impression with the group, casting an unwarranted spell on Elise. We went to the mansion of our employer and were instructed to rid the estate of the evil spirit haunting its walls. We spend our time exploring the creepy manor, collecting rugs, uncovering clues about the past, before finally coming face to face with a brain in a jar. The fight was like nothing we’ve experienced before with the walls moving, and an eerie darkness preventing us from seeing the whole room. We finally tracked the brain down and defeated it, causing the house to return to normal. However, our benefactor was less than grateful and nearly caused a scuffle inside the house. Ravana barely managed getting arrested and stormed off, back to the condo. Hank got an earful from the Crew returning. We spent the night in the condo, with tomorrow being the big day. The masked lords of Waterdeep are converging to discuss the threat from Stormhold.

Back to Life, Back to Waterdeep

After a rather harrowing adventure in Limbo, our group finally made it back to Waterdeep. We awoke to find presents left by Cowboy Hank. Even better, our beloved party member was making us breakfast. There was a knock at the door and our good friend Jaxxi was there, with two horses and a child; all were exhausted from a long journey, and we welcomed them inside. Over breakfast, Hank let us in on the action and let us look over some spare contracts he had for his adventuring business. We thought about doing a job, but ultimately decided to go shopping instead. We made our way through town, we were stopped by a homeless veteran who heckled Mardigan. We moved on and stocked up on goods and potions. Later that evening, the group met with Lucian to go over a number of business items. We got paid for our work at the Black Spire, Sigga turned over Dupont to Lucian, and we discussed both the Stormborn sisters and the open meeting of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

Ravana broke away from the group on our way home and bought a surprise for Sigga (a male prostitute). At home, not reading the situation correctly, Sigga make some choices she wouldn’t have had she known the entire picture.

The group went to bed and awoke the next morning with renewed vigor to complete one of Hank’s contracts. There was an odd fight going on in the kitchen over cooking eggs as no-one wanted to eat Hank’s muffins. There was a knock on the door and the Paladin of Bahamut Raynis Thoroughfare came to be escorted by the other members of HHH. Ravana was unable to contain her attitude and stormed off, with Sigga chasing after her. Meanwhile, Iados was realizing since dying, the contract he had with his former deity had been broken. He no longer was able to cast the magics he was previously able to. There was another knock at the door and a lawyer served papers to both Mardigan and Hank. For divorce proceedings and a cease and desist for Hank over his use of the HHH moniker.

We decided to leave for the day and take on the dragon turtle in sewers by the wharf district. We stopped and completed some last minute shopping, and were stopped by some officers clearing the streets, telling us a firestorm was making its way to Waterdeep. Seeing how we were headed to the sewers anyway, we decided we’d take shelter there. Down below the streets, Ravana spoke with a rat, showing skills she’s literally never shown before. A rat lead us to the creature that’s been eating his companions, which we thought would be the turtle, but was actually an illithid dwelling in a secret tunnel. We backed away slowly and found the turtles nest. We were unable to sneak up on the turtle and engaged it in combat. The turtle packed a serious wallop, and nearly brought down Ravana, but Howl Sharal was able to put away the beast. Showing an unusual prowess for butchering a turtle, Iados collected the parts needed for the contract.

On our way out of the sewer, we realized we had forgotten about the firestorm all together and it was overhead waterdeep, raining down destruction on the town. The group realized that is was not a random chance, but rather, the storm was looking for Iados, and was checking the places she knew where Iados has been. Ravana and Iados got into a heated argument over what to do about the storm, which ended with Iados storming off. He swore off Ravana and left, leaving the group behind.

We dropped the shell off at home, and Sigga got cleaned up to go speak with Alastair Touchstone. Iados went on a mission to find himself a new patron and headed to the temple of Bahamut, where he was greeted by the Paladin, Raynis Thoroughfare. She told him someone was waiting to speak with him. He exited towards the back room, and spoke with the old man with the canaries, who once again revealed himself to be the platinum dragon himself. Bahamut bestowed Iados with the book of exalted deeds, and blessed him, allowing him to regain his warlock powers. However, in exchange, Iados must follow the way of light and Justice or risk losing his abilities.

Meanwhile, back at Touchstone’s Waterdeep manor, the group reunited with Svetlana and interacted with other waterdeep folk while waiting to meet with Lova Stormborn, the displaced queen of Stormhold. We also ran into a few folk we didn’t expect to bump into, including both Mardigans and Jaxxi’s ex’s and a very drunk Danilo Thann. Sigga met with Alastair and was given a gift. Alastair revealed their intention to back the Stormborn sisters in their quest to reclaim Stormhold. There were grand entrances by Alastair’s Parents and The Stormborn sisters. We waited in line to Meet with Lova, who requested immediate council. We agreed to be at her service should she need us. We gave her a couple of useful maps, and then decided that it was time to depart the party. We came back to the condo to find Bastion Graves in our kitchen, cooking up a horrifying meal. Iados removed the effects of the love potion and sent him on his way.

The Raven Queen Calls

Stuck in limbo, our group traversed the endless barren wastes looking for answers as to how and why we were stuck in the desolate winter landscape. An image of the Raven queen appeared and instructed the group to find her temple. A choice opened before us and we chose the forested mountain area to search for the Raven Queen’s abode. The world went black around us and five lights appeared in the darkness. Stepping inside, we were transported to scenes in the lives of our companions. The group had differing reactions to the scenes that played out because they all brought up rather negative memories. A pathway opened up and we walked towards down it as we saw the faces of the past, all the people whom have died in our presence. Lilith appeared in the pathway, but then blew away in the wind. We found ourselves at a mountain top and we entered the temple of the Raven queen. The priestess Elune welcomed us in, and told us to choose an item from a table, as the Raven queen would only commune with one of us. Lissandra chose correctly and moved into the back room with the pools of reflection. She Drank a silver liquid from a pitcher and spoke with the Raven queen. The Goddess explained that she’s had her eye on the group for quite some time now, and she is looking for someone to be her new champion. She offered Lissandra that she would return the group to the realm of the living if Lissandra would pledge her servitude to the Raven Queens cause. Not seeing any other way out of limbo, Lissandra begrudgingly agreed. The drow snapped back to Limbo, and rejoined the group. The group exited the temple and found themselves on the streets of Waterdeep. While most of the group was overjoyed to be back in a familiar place, Ravana looked visibly uncomfortable. Remembering we own property in the city, we made our way back to 9 teardrop lane. Inside the condo, a party was going on as Hank and his heroes for hire were throwing a festive dance. Overjoyed to see everyone, Hank welcomed the party inside. We danced the night away, happy to finally be past the black spire, and the Raven queens realm.

Hand of Vecna, Heart of Lilith

The group met back up in RIften, and before we could make plans to leave, the skyship Valiant flew overhead and landed outside the city limits. We were welcomed on board by first mate Strowman, who explained Lucian had an important mission for us. Sigga went to see the Captain while the rest of the party caught up with Mardigan who was also on board. Captain Helmsley debriefed Sigga and informed her of Liliths recent exploits, including slavery, mass killings, and dark magic. Sigga relayed the information to the group, and reactions were mixed at best. Mardigan and Sigga firmly wanted to take Lilith head on, remove the hand and if necessary take her out altogether. Iados and Ravana had suspicions of foul play, and would prefer to speak with Lilith to get to the bottom of the issue.

The Valiant sailed through the evening and we arrived in llanowar in the morning. The sight was one to behold as the formerly beautiful forests have made way for fields upon fields of stumps, ash, and wreckage. Twisted abominations are being churned out of makeshift factories, the eleven residents have been enslaved or worse, and off in the distance a looming spire pours smoke and green energy into the atmosphere. We snuck past a number of mechanithralls and Demonized elves, but sneaking past a necrotech factory Ravana accidentally caused a commotion and the mechanithralls attacked the party. The combination of dark magic and necrotech packed a serious wallop and beat up the party quite badly, but we were victorious.

We met up with Lucians forces on the ground. Kovnik Jozef Grigorivich explained that the easiest way in was through a sewage pipe, which their construct could easily get us into, but unfortunately for us, scrapjack was broken down and needed repairs. One brave Soldier Nikolai volunteered to perform the repairs, but with all the motor fire raining down and ghastly abominations, he needed protection while he was making repairs. We fought off some spectral apparitions, and Scrapjack kicked to life. Ol Scrappy opened the drainage pipe, and we entered the spire. We came across another grate in the pipe, and Sigga pulled out the Rug and the Orb of teleportation and made it through without any trouble. we climbed a ladder and moved up to a room containing elven prisoners.

Our group debated the merits of letting the elven prisoners out. Sigga wanted to let them go, but Ravana was steadfast in keeping them in cages. We found a way into an attic and found some of Liliths personal effects, but didn’t find a way up. Sigga let one cage open, but she was unable to open the other two. Ravana opened the door upstairs, unleashing an arcane blast, killing most of the people in the second cage. We left the rest of the elves to their own devices and headed upwards to a large floating staircase. Three witches were apparently summoning visions of Lilith and casting some sort of spell on the visions. The group jumped from platform to platform dodging spells and attacks and sent the witches to the cold hard ground below. Ravana swung her sword and cracked open the floating orb the witches were using and the champion of Kas spilled out, covered in ooze. The group fervently debated what to do with the champion, but Mardigan cut the debate short when he drew his sword and separated the champion from his head. The body dissolved into ash and we made our way up to the next level. The next room contained Liliths immediate family. Olivia Nod was overjoyed to see Iados, and the two shared a passionate embrace much to the discomfort of the rest of the party. Percy Nod was released as well, and Olivia begged Iados to free Varic, who was being held against his will encased in ice in the adjacent chamber. Ravana and Iados put fire to ice and freed Varic. Though the group is on uneasy terms, it appears Varic and the group are on the same page that Lilith needs to be dealt with.

While Ravana detested the idea of fighting along side Vairc, we ultimately decided we needed his help. The group entered liliths throne room, and the groub found the sword of Kas floating midair. Mardigan grabbed the sword and was imbued with its dark magics. we climbed up the final staircase to find Venethrax and a host of Bane Thralls waiting for us. Lilith appeared in the skies riding a dragon abomination. Lilith taunted Ravana and cast a spell aimed directly for her. Iados realizing what was happening pushed Ravana out of the way and took the full brunt of the attack, killing him instantly.

The group engaged the in an epic battle. Varic was able to ground Lilith, but her magics were too strong. Sigga took flight and engaged Venethrax in combat, with her radiant magics infusing her arrows, she sent the dark warlock collapsing into a heap. Outraged by losing her dark love, Lilith retaliated by redcing Sigga to a skeleton as raising her as a thrall. Ravana knocked Lilith off the Dragon, and removed on of her hands, but it was Mardigan who stepped forward and dealt the finishing blow to Lilith, destroying the hand, the eye, and the sword of Kas in the process. with its duty fufilled, the wielder of the blade blew away like dust in the wind. Down below, the mechanithralls collapsed, the black spire started tumbling to the ground below. Seeing how this was going to end, Lissandra accepted her fate and fell off the top, Ravana ran through the tower and fell down the chasm as the tower collapsed on top of her. With the whole party dead, our mission was apparently completed. But lo, off in the distance a voice could be heard. The group awakes in the barren wastes, somewhere between the land of the living and the dead. The Raven queen calls.

Riften: A Tale of Two Districts

A mouth message spit a scroll out at Ravana, begging for her help to aide an old friend in need. We gathered our things, and Lug dropped us off in the town of Riften.

We arrived in the city and the magister had us looking for lost goods and to catch the culprits. We interviewed multiple people affected including a perturbed shop owner, a coroner, a priest, an older widow. All of this lead to the lower district of Riften. After chatting up some orcs, Ravana lead the sleuthing and brought us to the doorstep of a demigoddess herself. The semi-diety admitted to taking the goods because of class divides between upper and lower Riften. The magister had imposed laws to rid lower Riften of their shrines because people were making offerings rather than pay their taxes. Being the corporate shills we are, we defended big government and taxation and thoroughly crushed the demi-goddess and her people. we gathered up the belongings and are on our way to turn them back in.

Our group decided to keep a few of the recovered items from the citizens of Riften. Ravana went to claim the bounty, while Chip and Sigga went to finish their bet. We found the old woman expired on the couch, a smile on her face, and an incomplete will in her hands. Chip quickly forged the rest, but he wasn’t able to enjoy the fruits of the con because a knock on the door lead to a formal arrest by the city guards.

We weren’t to stay in Riften much longer, as the Valiant touched down, and an urgent message from Lucian awaits….

Stormhold: A Kingdom Torn Asunder

Our group awoke in Touchstones manor. We got dressed and headed down for breakfast. Artemis was greeted by three of the kobold servants who were looking to him as the leader of the kobold uprising. Artemis brushed them off, wanting nothing more than to get some breakfast. Heading down the staircase, we found a string hanging mid-air which chippy immediately pulled on thinking it was a worm. the string tore a hole in time and space and a mirror was floating in-between realities. After some bumbling about, Sigga touched the mirror and realized that the message must be for her. Lilith appeared in the mirror, and was displeased that the group had abandoned her. Sigga tried telling her it has only been one night, but judging by Liliths appearance and attitude, she has been there much longer. She stormed off in a huff and the mirror disappeared.

We went back down for breakfast. Shortly into our meal, there was a knocking at the gran hall and Pierre went to see who it was. Artemis poked out of the dining room to see armed guards standing at the door holding papers and speaking loudly. He ran back to the dining room and told the group they needed to leave immediately. The kitchen already had guards pouring in, Chippy burst through the dining room window shouting about needing to head south. Chippy was immediately captured by guards, but with some help from the party was able to fly free. The party on the other hand was not so lucky as more and more guards swarmed in, we eventually laid down our arms and went quietly. being led out of the mansion, we saw the entire staff was being taken in as well as any and all remaining house guests. we were separated from Jaxxi and tossed in a Paddy Wagon. we learned the ever paranoid King Septimus is rounding up any potential traitors and throwing them in internment camps.

Being shackled, there wasn’t much to do other than sit and enjoy the ride. After a long trek on the road, we heard some commotion coming from outside the wagon. There was some brief but brutal fighting, and the door to the wagon was busted open by a one handed Barbarian. Ravana introduced herself to the party, and decided to team up as the party is the only decent looking adventuring folk she’s come across. We travelled a good distance East to get away from the Coastal Shard, and made camp out in the wilderness

Off in different corners of the world, Mardigan was slowly realizing maybe the explorer life wasn’t for him. Jaxxi realized that he could easily escape, and just left the Touchstone house servants to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Sigga decided she needed to free her betrothed. We decided the best place to look would be to try and find the nearest camp. We stopped a paddy wagon (or rather, Ravanna did with a single blow) and we rescued two friends, a fox named Reyl and a desperado looking feller named Obadiah. We trekked all the way over to the neared prison camp. Ravana made a huge distraction by single handedly taking out 12 guys, meanwhile, Sigga, Artemis and Reyl went looking for people. We found a Kenku rogue, but no Jaxxi, and no Alastair.

our group cleared up the rest of the labor camp, getting citizens to safety and scaring away the rest of the guards. The Kenku and the foxgirl departed, leaving Artemis heartbroken. We made our way to the Crystal Seat, and disguised ourselves as guards (with some of the party going invisible) we approached the closed up city and spoke with the guards. Through our wonderful storytelling, the guards let us in under conditions we would report later in the evening. We made our way to town to the sewer entrance that was specified, and we were accosted by a patrolling guard who blew a whistle at Ravana. Many more guards showed up, and we decided that it would be best to not engage 20 some guards in broad daylight, and Ravana was taken away in shackles. After the ol turnaround switcharoo and bamboozling the lone guard, we made our way down into the sewers. They were twisty turning, but we were able to make our way through by following the directions of a friendly sewer rat. Nearing our destination, Obadiah noticed some oozing jelly dripping down from the ceiling. Soon after Svetlana walked straight into a gelatinous ooze. The wandering ooze engulfed half of the party before we finally took it down. Though Artemis nearly drowned in jelly, we all survived.

We met back up with our Kenku friend, Talus and we broke through the sewer wall into the lower level of the barracks. We were met by a veritable onslaught of men-at-arms as more and more guardsmen swarmed into the cramped cell area. After the battle, the crew unlocked each cell door they came across with no thought as to if any of these people released were actual criminals or just political prisoners. The strangest prisoner we broke out was a brain in a jar with a crude clockwork body that allowed him to walk. Hans Delbrook was nice enough to let us know where Sigga’s beau, Alstair Touchstone was being held, however unbeknownst to the party their minds were all altered into thinking Hans looked like a frail old man, leaving no memory of the encounter with the clockwork bodied brain. We came to the part of the cells where all the highest priority prisoners were locked up, and we took on some of the kings personal guard, impressive crystal golems under direct orders from the king. Artemis quickly learned not to stand anywhere near their feet.

Most of the party, including Talus, Svetlana, and Ravana spent the entirety of the fight encased in arcane bubble-shields that prevented them from joining the fray. After the skirmish, Artemis found a way to dispel the bubbles and free our party mates, but before he could test it Obadiah broke them out the old fashioned way. The big encounter was upon us. We stood before the door containing Touchstone, and Sigga turned the key to let him out. The reunion of the potential mates was awkward to say the least as Touchstone was bewildered by the ragtag party and wasn’t sure whether to keep up dignified appearances, or break down in gratitude. The reunion was short lived however as we remembered we’re deep in the heart of a hostile city. Talus acted as guide once more and lead us through the sewer network. As we exited the city, we were surprised to learn Talus had one of Lady Ella’s summoning whistles. Even stranger, she appeared immediately to collect the group. No-one questioned when Talus referred to Ella as Madam Pip.

Meanwhile, realizing he had much to do to sort out the problem of the Mad King, Touchstone departed, saying he needed to join with his family in Waterdeep to discuss their next move, but he will be siding with the Stormborn sisters to relive the King of his throne. He passionately embraced Sigga, catching everyone off guard. Realizing that her master needed her more than ever, Svetlana went with Touchstone, back to Waterdeep. Seeing a chance to get in good with some of the higher ups in Waterdeep, Artemis also went with them. Though Ravana was unfeeling towards the separation, Sigga said a heartfelt goodbye to both party members. We awake the next morning after a long nights rest inside Lug the dancing hut.

Touchstone's Manor

The Cinnamon Wind took us from the lonely island back to the mainland. realizing we were late, we hightailed it through town and made our way towards the rendezvous carriage, where an exasperated Jaxxi was waiting for us. We crammed ourselves in the carriage meant for two and rode off to Touchstone Manor.

We were met by servant after servant, and when touchstone finally appeared, he was aghast by the entourage and the state of his guests. He told the servants to get the group cleaned up, invite more guests and have a proper dancing and dining affair. The group was split up to go to different rooms in the manor. Chippy made a fuss and went with Sigga, and was lead to an impressive bedroom. Chippy was made a suit, and while Sigga was looking for a dress a secret door was found in the closet opening up a secret laboratory. Meanwhile, Artemis was being lead down a series of corridors to the servants quarters and given options of servants clothes, offended by this, he stormed out and demanded to see a tailor. He also ran into his cousin’s cousin Kresh, from the hillsboro warrens who was excited to see him. meanwhile, Jaxxi and Iados harassed an elderly blind servant in the restroom, assaulting him with perfumes and chores to redo. Artemis eventually entered the room, and the old blind servant surprised them by being quite the tailor, and fashioned Artemis formal attire that was befitting his stature, that’s when Jaxxi put it upon himself to impersonate a famous chef and take control of the kitchen.

Meanwhile… lilith was ransacking her room, looking behind paintings, opening drawers, when she finally got to the dresses, a voice called out to her. the champion of Kas stood in the room and threatened her. Thinking quickly, she threw a chair through the wall length window and ran out the side of the house, to escape the champion. Back in the manor, the group met back up. Sigga was immediately worried about Lilith and Jaxxi, and servants reported back that lilith had escaped. Party guests started arriving, Alastair made a second this time warmer and grander entrance and welcomed his guests. He spoke with Sigga, and put his best servants on Liliths case, and then took Sigga into his study. He bestowed some gifts upon her including a ring, a feather token, a donation to her guild, and a dowry to her parents. As a final gift, he introduced Sigga to Svetlana, who will be Sigga personal shieldmaiden. The two Aasimars rejoined the party, and the dancing turned to dining. Jaxxi (surprisingly) was able to put on a decent meal for the party goers, and Artemis made new friends. However, Alastairs time at dinner was cut short as he was called away for business by men on official military business. Speaking with Pierre LaFontaine, we learned the Kings small council had been called, and he had to leave at once. We enjoyed the rest of the party, and spent the night in the manor.

Siren's Cove: The Fall of Dupont

Our group sat down to eat breakfast with dale as he thanked us for helping him. He presented the group with a key to a mansion in Shadowdale. Lilith was overjoyed to get such an expensive gift, the rest of the group was hesitant. Some owls flew in through the window and we got caught up on our mail.

Our mission for Lucian was put on hiatus, Lilith made a house payment for her other place, Artemis disregarded a letter from his family, and Sigga learned she has found a match for her betrothal. She revealed she is an Aasimar, and as a duty to her race, she needs to marry an aasiamr to further the bloodlines. Lilith offered the group to come with Sigga for the meeting of the two parties the next day. Breakfast continued, and was a perfectly nice affair until Dupont had a minor choking incident, and stormed out. After running some errands, the group all met back up and hopped inside a still ill-feeling Lug and travelled to the Coastal Shard in Stormhold.

The group had a day and a half until the big meet and greet, and they were awfully close to Sirens Cove, so Dupont convinced the group they should take the day to track down the sirens that she has been hunting. The group took a chartered boat out to a small island, and tried sneaking up on the unsuspecting siren, unfortunately, it caught wind of the less sneaky party members, and swam inside the cave in the middle of the island. Following it in, we found nothing but a large whirlpool which would lead us to a number of different places. After thinking it over, Dupont jumped in saying she’d scout the area out. It took her to a shrine room with hundreds of little figures everywhere. She was able to find two of the figures, but upon leaving the room, was turned into one herself. The group, after waiting long enough decided they needed to follow.

ur group jumped into the whirlpool in sirens cove, not thinking quite clearly, Artemis decided not to cast water breathing, until after they had jumped in. The portal split the party up, bringing Sigga and Artemis to a Senate looking room, and Lilith to a treasure cave. Artemis cast a scroll of underwater breathing. While unable to talk, it allowed he and Sigga to successfully not drown. Lilith on the other hand, had to improvise, she was able to find an old divers helmet and tossed it on. Meanwhile, Jaxxi was imprisoned in a cage with a Birdperson he immediately dubbed chippy. Iados teleported in, immediately started to drown, until Jaxxi pulled him in nice and close and let him use his magic air bubble. After some brief shenanigans, the group all met up and found one another, and started looking for a way out. Lilith was beguiled by a mermaid, Artemis saw right through it, we fought a shark making quick work of it by using the powers of magic and basic biology. And we found a portal to lead us out. Back at the local inn, we were overjoyed to be back on land. We’re down a Dupont, up a birdperson, and have a betrothal meet and greet soon approaching.

Shadowdale pt 3: The Stone and the Stag

after fights both literally and emotionally aboard the valiant has settle, our group touched down in shadowdale on our quest to obtain the second of three artifacts for lucian. When we arrived, we learned something was amiss as the zombie workers who normally do all the menial jobs weren’t functioning properly. They were just standing about, listless. Worried about the eerie scene, artemis, dupont, and sigga went invisible while Lilith and Illados were unfazed. We made our way into town, and met a helpful homeless man named Gil. He informed us the majority of town was up protesting at Shadowdale manor because the labor force had stopped working. We made our way over to Dales’s estate to find just that. protestors were angry over the fact the zombies were no longer performing their jobs. Not wanting to trigger the gargoyles at the gate, Dupont gave Illados a sending stone in order to gain information. Lilith and Illados went inside as the rest of the group stayed out back. The dynamic duo learned from Dale that the Arcanablum that keeps the magic flowing to keep the zombie minds occupied with work has dried up. The minor leyline its positioned over is no longer reaching the machine. Lilith offered to check out the disturbance in exchange for the stone of everliving. Dale, overjoyed by his friends coming to his aide, handed the stone over immediately, and thanked Lilith profusely. The group met back up outside the manor, and Dupont was frustrated with Illados as the sending stone provided very little help. Dupont was suspicious of the two, but eventually decided to go along with the mission to find out what’s happening with the leyline. We headed out to the outskirts of town, and came across a lone zombie. We soon learned it wasn’t like the other mindless husks, but rather corrupted by a dark force that feeds off magic. We defeated the zombie husk, but the actual creature escaped into the woods. we chased after it deep into the woods. As it turned to stop, we soon realized we were surrounded.

We promptly high tailed it out of the forest, being chased by the mana crazed creatures. Figuring we were a bit out of our depth, we visited Dale, and then the college of Mages to gain what little knowledge we could. The best lead we got was to go to the moonwell at night and speak with the spirit of the forest. After a long rest, we left in the dead of night towards our destination. We made it to the moonwell, and Sigga approached the spirit of the forest, who took the form of a stag, and agreed to help the party as long as she was a force for good. The spirit told us we need to kill the queen of the creatures in order to stop their spread. The group headed out, their task clear at hand.

We came across Lady Ella, in the woods, picking up her belongings that Lug has been sneezing out for the past week. We learned that she was indirectly responsible for the shadow creatures because the jar they were being kept in shattered when Lug sneezed it out. Happy to see us, Ella decided to lend her wand to the cause. We tracked the mother shadow creature down to the makeshift arcane hot tub it had created, stopping all magic flow to surrounding areas. After a brief skirmish, Ella was able to trap the creatures and free the innocent woodland animals they were possessing. Lilith convinced Sigga that the Ettin should be put down. Capt. Dupont had other thoughts about it. We headed back to shadowdale to find the zombies were back to work. The sun was shining on a new day, and we approached Dales manor to tell him the good news. Overjoyed at the solving of his problems, Dale invited the group in for a breakfast feast.


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