Brutess of the Burning Ring


Born in Fairhaven, Aundair, Ravana was the youngest of three, and the only girl. Her mother died when she was only 4 years old, so she was never taught the ways of the “gentler sex.” She grew up fighting and wresting with her older brothers and local boys.

Her father worked as a gifted smuggler for the Daask Gang and he taught his craft to all his children, including Ravana. Once she reached the age of 8, her father would often give her simple, low-risk smuggling runs, but Ravana did not possess the family aptitude for stealth so she was often caught and had to fight her way out and run away. Her brothers often teased her for her lack of finesse, and while her father never said it, she could tell he was disappointed.

People in Fairhaven tend to be rather stubborn, and because of this, there are always a multitude of duels and fights for honor. One of Ravana’s great loves was watching the duels and gladiator fights with her brothers. Through her family’s shady contacts, she heard stories of a great underground fighting ring called the Burning Ring in Sharn. Tales of the Ring and its amazing fighters excited her; so much so that she left for Sharn at the age of 10 to find someone to train under in hopes of one day joining the ranks of the most legendary fighters.

When she finally arrived at Sharn, she spent days trying to track down the Burning Ring. Because it is an illegal fighting ring run by the Dark Dagger Gang, it’s location changes every night and you have to find the right people to ask. On the night she finally tracked it down, she saw Guthrum, the Raging Bull defeat his foe with such power and skill that she immediately idolized him.

Every day, she would follow Guthrum and ask him to train her. But every day he scoffed in her face and refused. She pestered him daily for months—his answer never changed. But she never faltered—she continued to watch all the Burning Ring fights, and eventually saved up and bought Guthrum’s sigil pin—a bull—and wore it every day.

One night after a Burning Ring match, Ravana got in a brawl with some local teenage boys. While she got a few good hits in, she was ultimately overpowered, covered in bruises and blood. But she refused to give up, and kept getting back up to fight. The last time she staggered to her feet, she thought she had triumphed when she saw the boys running away in fear. Her elation was cut short when she truned around and saw Guthrum looming over her. He told her if she was going to be wearing his sigil, she couldn’t fight so pitifully. He took her on as his apprentice.

Guthrum was a tough mentor and pushed Ravana to her limits. While they did not speak to each other with compassion or affection, they had an unspoken bond—forged in sweat, blood, and years of training.

At 16, she competed in her first Ring fight. While it wasn’t a perfect fight by any means, she was victorious and that thrill spurred her on to continue her training even harder. She trained under Guthrum for over a decade, learning all the ins and outs of the Ring and eventually became a well-known fighter in her own right. Over the years, she’s fought just about every fighter and monster that Sharn has to offer.

When she was 21, Guthrum met his end in a Ring fight. She did not shed tears nor mourn his death. He had a great run—longer than most. If you’re not the best, you pay with your life. Guthrum had taught her that. But to this day she still wears his sigil pin to honor him.

Ravana is one of the winningest and most well-known fighters of the Burning Ring and has a bit of a local following. Her title, Brutess of the Burning Ring, is a creation of local fandom and lore. She quite likes it.

In addition to gladiator-style fighting, she has also worked as a mercenary. While it isn’t her primary occupation, she enjoys taking the odd job for a change of pace.

She decided to leave Sharn because she believes she as defeated the best it has to offer. She had outgrown the Burning Ring and wishes to find and defeat greater foes. A few weeks after leaving Sharn, she found herself in Emberville where she was recognized by a pixie named Kyria who invited Ravana to join her adventuring party.

Ravana enjoyed the thrills the adventuring life had to offer, but during the tournament at Shadow Dale, she realized she missed the glory and energy of the ring. She parted ways with the group, going back to her roots as a gladiator. She was gone for a few months before tracking the group down again. Her left arm being noticeably absent.


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