Sigga Rutherford-Touchstone

The Celestial Cartographer


A celestial map maker and moon worshiper . Absolutely devoted to creating good.


Sigga Rutherford was born from two cartographers. The small family travelled endlessly, devoted to documenting landmarks and perfecting their maps of the continent. She believed in their endeavor, and learned the trade. When she was seven, her celestial heritage unknown, she randomly sprouted wings in the middle of a festival. Bystanders gawked in awe and made the moment a spectacle. After that, her shocked human parents sheltered her. They kept to the wilds and allowed Sigga to learn to hunt. They reached out for advice from the counsel of Aasimar, who contacted Sigga many times, convincing her that it is her duty to help them. Although she believed she had a wonderful childhood, and that it was her duty to broaden her race, it wasn’t hard for Lucien, a trustworthy map collector, to convince her to broaden her horizons. After travelling with a collection of talented adventurers, she was contacted by lunar spirit that became her companion, and she finally sprouted wings again for the second time in the middle of an epic battle.

Sigga Rutherford-Touchstone

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