Patsi Thann

Matriarch of the Thann Family


Patsi was an alchemist and witch who knew lady Ella from their youth together. It was Patsi who stumbled upon the very powerful wand that she began using to brew potions with an extra kick. Soon, her business flourished and she outgrew Emberville altogether and moved to Waterdeep, leaving Ella behind. Ella’s had a chip on her shoulder ever since.

In Waterdeep, Patsi set up the Thann Potions Corporation which creates many of the fine products adventurers and common folk use on a daily basis.

The group ran afoul of Patsi at the Waterdeep Gala, where they procured her wand and gave it to Ella as sweet, sweet revenge. After realizing the wand was gone, Patsi’s become a bit of a recluse. Refusing to hold any sort of event she used to be known for, and has pulled out of her many social benefits and programs she used to help fund. Her sole purpose these days is to find the thieves, and bring them justice.


Patsi Thann

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