The Betrayer


Rex is a simple dwarf. He likes ale, loose women, and a good scrap. Rex met Adara in a bar fight, and they became fast friends. She took on the form of a dwarf for an extended period of time and only Rex knew her secret before it was revealed to the rest of the party. He became part of the adventuring group on that fateful night outside the tower near Kiris Dawn. He was a valuable member of the party right up until his sudden yet inevitable betrayal.

In Emberville, during the early days of the group, he made fast friends with the innkeep, scoring free room and board by seducing her. Before the shenanigans in the swamp, the group was welcome to stay at her inn.

Rex was the resident tinkerer and healer for the group. Making traps and tossing the occasional heal is what he was known for. While under the sedation of the queen mushroom, he dreamed of the most vast workshop imaginable. He was also the one who was able to break free of the mushroom’s spell and rescue the group.

It all changed when the group went on the mission to save the new year’s baby. The Avatar of Present, Tama Vuosi seduced him by granting immortality. He hopped into the well of eternity and was reborn as an immortal lord of time. The surge of power and betrayal were short lived however, as the group helped the priestess of Melora completed the ritual and allowed Uusi Vuosi, the new year’s baby ascend to become the new avatar of the present. With the group now against him, Rex blew away in the wind, vowing to reach new heights of power. Surely this isn’t the last time we encounter Rex. Or maybe it is.



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