The Raven Queen

Goddess of Winter and Death


The Goddess of Winter and the moment of death. The Raven Queen has had her eye on the party for some time, but she acted upon her curiosity following the events of the black spire. After all dying following the battle with Lilith, the group found themselves in Limbo in the Raven Queens Realm. The group eventually made their way to her hidden shrine deep within the mountains of Limbo. Only one of the group members would be able to speak with the Goddess, and Lissandra was chosen. Lissandra struck a deal with the Raven Queen. Lissandra would be her champion, bringing about her will in the mortal realms. In return, the Raven queen brought the group back to life, and allowed them to return to the land of the living. We surely haven’t seen the last of her.


The Raven Queen

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